Yamaha DD65 Electronic Drum Pad Review

Yamaha DD65 Electronic Drum Pad Premium Package with Headphones, Power Supply, Drum Sticks, and 2 Foot Pedals
  • 8 Touch-sensitive drum pads allow expressive playing
  • AUX in jack for connecting and playing along with an MP3 player; headphones inside box
  • Tempo control using Tap Start
  • Hand percussion mode with Latin drums allows playing with hands
  • 254 GM compatible Voices assignable to any pad. Please refer the User Manual before use.

Nowadays, every musician worth his salt needs an electronic version of his acoustic instrument, and that goes for drummers as well. And sometimes you need something portable which you can take with you anywhere, and for drummers that usually means getting drum pads. While the market seems flooded with all the latest electronic devices for drummers, the Yamaha DD65 Electronic Drum Pad is probably among the best, as far as drum pads are concerned.

Specs and Features

Here are some of the relevant specs you need to know about about this instrument:

  • It is really portable weighing only 4.5 kg (less than 10 pounds) and measuring about 23 and a half inches by about 6 and ¼ inches. It’s approximately 7 inches thick.
  • You have 8 touch-response pads, plus 2 pedals for hi-hat and bass drum (they’re assignable).
  • In addition, there’s an LED display for 3 digit selection.
  • There’s an “auxiliary in” jack to connect to an mp3 player, with a MIDI in and out to connect with a computer. There’s a headphone jack as well.
  • It allows playing with hands in hand percussion mode, such as for congas and bongos.
  • There’s a built in reverb and master EQ.
  • You have 32-note polyphony, 254 voices, a hundred built in songs for playing along, and 50 programmed drum kits and custom kits.
  • There are three sensitivity levels.
  • The memory is enough to let you record up to 5 songs at one time.
  • The drum pad also comes with its own stereo speakers with bass port.
  • The package includes a pair of drumsticks, pedals, the power supply, and a set of headphones.

Pros and Cons

Yamaha DD65 is a smaller version of the drum kit, which means it is ideal for those who don’t have enough space at home as well as for people who like to practice on the go. Since it comes with its own speakers, all you need is a power source to make it work. The size and the weight is a wonder.

Use it with headphones, and it’s perfect even for home use. There’s a lot of variety, as you have a lot of songs to practice with and you have lots of kits so you can define what each pad will sound like. The sound quality, by the way, is impressive.

The layout is also well thought out, and it feels very natural.

As for the downside, you have to keep in mind that these are still portable drum pads, so they’re not meant to replace a regular sized drum kit. It’s just something you use on the go or when you don’t have enough space. You can also give it to your son or daughter (start ‘em young, eh?), because they are very durable and the size is small enough for them.

Also, the foot pedals are not exactly top-of-the-line. You’ll want to replace them as soon as you can.


If you’re a serious drummer, this is an accessory you need when you want to record or play on the go. But the Yamaha DD65 can also prove useful for those with limited space at home. But if you’re a serious drummer, this can’t be your only drum kit.

Best Yamaha Electronic Drum Pad

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Bestseller No. 1
Yamaha DD75AD Portable Digital Drums Package with 2 Pedals, Drumsticks - Power Supply Included
  • Includes DD75, 2 pedals, drumsticks and PA150 power supply
  • The DD75 features eight touch-sensitive pads, 2 drum pedals and aux in for playing along with your favorite songs on your portable device
  • Includes 570 drum voices, 30 phrase voices, 75 preset drum kits, 10 user drum kits, 105 preset songs
  • The aux line input allows you to connect any music device with a headphone output, such as an Mp3 player, a computer, a mixer or even another instrument, and hear it through the internal speakers
  • MIDI connectivity allows the instrument to be connected to other MIDI devices, such as external tone Modules, sequencers/computers and portable devices
SaleBestseller No. 2
Yamaha KP65 Electronic Drum Kick Tower
  • Natural feel
  • Sensitivity control
  • Aux pad input
  • Velcro and spikes to prevent creep
  • Large enough for double pedals
SaleBestseller No. 3
Yamaha TP70S 3-Zone 7.5-Inch Electronic Drum Pad
  • 3-zones for head, crosstick and rimshot sounds
  • Larger pad size with softer feel
  • Fits on L-Rod style 10.5mm tom arm
Bestseller No. 4
Yamaha DTX Multi Pad, Drum Pad
  • 1,061 Drum/Percussion/Effects sounds
  • 216 Keyboard sounds
  • Mute/Layer function
  • Sequencer and Preset Loops
  • 64MB Flash-ROM for user samples
Bestseller No. 5
Yamaha XP80 3-Zone 8" Textured Silicone Electronic Drum Pad
  • XP80 pad is divided into 3 zones and supports open rimshots and closed rimshots.
  • XP80 made of TCS (textured cellular silicone), providing a realistic feel. It uses a free-floating construction for increased sensitivity that virtually eliminates cross talk
  • Fantastically quiet, which makes the XP80 ideal for home use.
  • Evaluated repeatedly by the world's top drummers during pad development.

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