Alesis DM10 Studio Kit Six-Piece Professional Electronic Drum Set Review

Alesis Drums Turbo Mesh Kit - Seven Piece Mesh Electric Drum Set With 100+ Sounds, 30 Play-Along Tracks, Drum Sticks & Connection Cables included
  • Electronic Drum Kit Powered by Mesh Technology All mesh drum heads deliver the most realistic, responsive and immersive playing experience modern drummers demand
  • Premium Seven Piece Drum Set 8" mesh snare drum and (3) 8" mesh toms, (3) 10" cymbals and custom designed Alesis hi hat pedal & kick pedal
  • Packed with Sounds Nitro Drum Module with 10 ready to play classic and modern drum kits, 30 play along tracks and 100+ expertly curated sounds
  • Powerful Educational Features 30 built in play along tracks, metronome, Aux input and drum coach help to hone and develop your drum skills
  • Everything You Need Sturdy steel rack, connection cables, drum sticks, drum key and power supply included

For budding drummers in the 21st century, there’s a wide variety of options available, and that includes getting electronic drums in lieu of a real acoustic drum. But the problem is, which one?

For the more serious drummers, cheap drum kits are nothing more than toys that may only be suitable for children. But then again, top-of-the-line drum kits also cost a fortune. Fortunately, with the Alesis DM10 Studio Kit Six-Piece Professional Electronic Drum Set, serious drummers may be able to own a drum kit without having to pay serious money.

Specs and Features of the DM10

Here are some of the technical specs that serious drummers will want to know about the DM10:

  • Dimensions: 5 feet on all sides (L, W, H) when it is assembled. It weighs 66 pounds.
  • Polyphony: 64 voices
  • There are more than a thousand (1,047 to be more precise) preset sounds of various types, from basses to kicks to one-hits to toms. These are 16-bit uncompressed samples of real drums and cymbals. This library is expandable via a USB.
  • It also has 100 preset kits, and 75 preset sequencer patterns plus 25 user patterns. The kits and patterns can be overwritten.
  • It uses the Exclusive Dynamic Articulation technology, which allows for changes in the drum timbre when the playing dynamics are also changed.
  • The RealHead snare, tom and kick pads use real Mylar heads, so the feel to the sticks and the rebound are authentic.
  • It also comes with Dual-zone 8-Inch and 10-Inch pads, and Triple-zone ride cymbal.
  • You have two stereo audio outputs (¼ inch) along with a stereo headphone output.
  • It also comes with a drum module with mix input so you can practice with an mp3 player, and the onboard mixer lets you tweak the drum levels to your satisfaction.

Pros and Cons

For serious drummers, the DM10 presents quite a few advantages, especially over acoustic drums and cheaper drum kits. While the DM10, like other drum kits, will need some tweaking to make it feel and play exactly according to how you want it, it won’t take you all that long to do so.

Drummers will also get a kick out of recording with this kit. The sound quality is great, and there’s lots of sound options to consider. And you won’t have to get microphones and a good recording room to record what you play.

And it feels good playing it too. More to the point, the drum heads feel like those of a real acoustic drum set.

But there are a few drawbacks you need to know. For example, you’ll need to buy a headphone with a ¼ inch plug, or an adaptor for your ⅛ inch headphones. You’ll need to buy your own sticks plus pedals too. And of course, you’ll need your own seat.

And because the drum pads feel authentic, the sounds you make when you hit the pads aren’t exactly silent. So if someone in the room wants to sleep, then you’re going to have a problem.


The DM10 isn’t a toy, and you’ll know that when you see how much it’s going for. But at least it’s not even half as expensive as other drum kits. The quality of the sound is professional, which means you won’t be embarrassed at all when you record your work. All in all, it’s a good buy when you’re on a budget and you don’t want to compromise quality

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HPUSN Softbox Lighting Kit Professional Studio Photography Continuous Equipment with 85W 5500K E27 Socket Light and 2 Reflectors 50 x 70 cm and 2 Bulbs for Portrait Product Fashion Photography
  • 【High Quality Material】The softbox is made of high-quality PET and maintains good reflective performance in a relatively closed softbox environment and under long-term bulb heating. Meanwhile, the softbox does not release unpleasant odours when the bulb is continuously lighting.
  • 【Energy Efficient Bulbs】 With a standard E27 socket, 2 x 85W CFL bulbs supplied are equal to the 800W incandescent bulb in total to save energy up to 80% and last approx. 8000 hours, with 5500K color temperature, bulbs produce balanced pure white daylight lighting and continuous uniform light, providing a good photographic environment.
  • 【210° Rotatable Head & Adjustable Stand】With an independent locking knob, the studio softbox can rotate 210° to suit at different angles perfect photo shoot with 1/4-inch Standard Screw Thread Tip. 3-section column design, collapsing down to 66cm and extending up to 200cm. Constructed from aluminum alloy, the light stand features exceptional strength.
  • 【Suitable for Various Photography】HPUSN softbox is ideal for use in studios. Whether it's portrait shooting, fashion photo shoots, children's photo shoots or still life shots, this softbox is easy to create the perfect lighting for indoors shooting, making photos more attractive.
  • 【24-month Guarantee】Once you purchase HPUSN softbox, if you have any problem about the product, you could contact out mail in the package. We are here to hear and ready to help answer any question or solve any problem you encountered. If the product doesn't meet your satisfied, you could return it to Amazon and get your money back from Amazon.
Bestseller No. 2
HPUSN Softbox Lighting Kit Studio Lighting Kit with 2 20-in X 28-in Reflectors and 2 Soft Umbrellas, 4pcs E27 85W 5500K Bulb and Max 8.5ft x 10ft Background Support System for Photography Video, etc.
  • Softbox and Umbrella: The softbox is made of high-quality PET and maintains good reflective performance in a relatively closed softbox environment and under long-term bulb heating. It can scatter the light. The 33 inches white translucent umbrella is made of high-quality nylon construction and it can broaden and diffuse the light output of any tungsten or studio flash source. They can provide the ultimate soft light beam and remove shadows to take perfect pictures by matching with each other.
  • Energy Efficient Bulbs: The softbox is with a standard E27 socket and there are also two independent E27 socket for umbrella, 4 x 85W CFL bulbs supplied are equal to the 1600W incandescent bulb in total to save energy up to 80% and last approx 8000 hours. With 5500K color temperature, the bulbs produce well balanced pure white daylight light and continuous uniform light, providing a good photographic environment.
  • 210° Rotatable Head & Adjustable Stand: With an independent lock, the softbox and umbrella can be rotated 210° to provide diverse photographic needs. The light stand made of aluminum alloy offers good strength and stability. The 3-section column design with single-action locks allows a quick and precise height adjustment from 26 inches to 78.75 inches.
  • Background Support System: The background stand can extend from 2.1ft to 8.5ft in height and from 5ft to 10ft in width. 3 color backdrop (black, white and green) is to help absorb the light and eliminate reflection, thick and solid hang down feeling good. It's the best choice for photography enthusiasts, novices, semi-professional and professional photographers. Suitable for studio portraits shooting, portrait shooting, fashion photo shooting, children's photo shooting or still life shots, etc.
  • Complete Kit and Guarantee: The package includes two 20"x28" softboxes, two 33 inches umbrella, four 85W CFL bulbs, two independent E27 sockets, four light stands, one background support system, three color backdrops, six backdrop clamps and one carrying bag. Please check the package carefully after receiving the product to avoid missing any accessories. We offer professional after-sales service, If you are not satisfied with our product, just feel free to contact us for a solution.
Bestseller No. 3
LimoStudio Photography Photo Portrait Studio 660W Day Light Umbrella Continuous Lighting Kit , LMS103
  • Contents: [3 pcs] 45W CFL Bulb / [3 pcs] Bulb Socket / [2 pcs] 33-inch Umbrella Reflector / [2 pcs] 86-inch Light Stand
  • [1 pc] 28-inch Light Stand / [1 pc] Bulb Carry Bag / [1 pc] Photo Equipment Carry Bag
  • 45W Photo CFL Bulb: 6000K / 1820 Lumen / E26, E27 Standard Screw Base / Max Energy Saving up to 80%
  • 33-inch Diameter White Umbrella Reflector: Made of Enhanced Nylon / Works well with Any Flash or Lighting Fixture
  • 👇Instruction Manual Download👇
Bestseller No. 4
Neewer 2.6M x 3M/8.5ft x 10ft Background Support System and 800W 5500K Umbrellas Softbox Continuous Lighting Kit for Photo Studio Product,Portrait and Video Shoot Photography
  • The kit includes:(4)79"(7 Feet)/200cm Light Stand+(2)Single Head Light Holder+(4)45W CFL Daylight Bulb +(2)33"/84cm Umbrella+(2)24"x24"/60x60cm Softbox+(1)1.8 x 2.8M/6 x 9 ft Musline Backdrop(Black,White and Green)+(6)Backdrop Clamps+(1)2.6M x 3M/8.5ft x 10ft Background Stand Support System+(1)Carry Bag for Background Support System+(1)Carry bag for Continuous Lighting Kit.
  • (4)79"(7 Feet)/200cm Light Stand:Solid safety 3 legs stages,capable for stable,heavy duty work.And use quick single action locks,providing fast precision height adjustment.(2)The single head light holder allows you to attach a bulb to a light stand and add an umbrella.
  • (2)The 33"/84cm white translucent umbrella can soften,broaden and diffuse the light output of any tungsten or studio flash source.(4)45W day-light studio light bulbs:equals to 200W regular incandescent light bulb output.5500K fluorescent spiral bulb generates a close match to natural daylight and a crisper view of the items being illuminated.It is best for photography lighting.
  • (2)24"X24"/60x60cm Softbox:Softbox diffuses the light and gives you perfect even lighting when you need for the best shots possible.With E27 socket,you can directly connect light bulbs,fluorescent lamps,or slave flash to offer the light.
  • (1)1.8 x 2.8M/6 x 9 ft Musline Backdrop(Black,White and Green)+(6)Backdrop Clamps+(1)2.6M x 3M/8.5ft x 10ft Background Support System:The background kit is ideal for television,video production and digital photography.(1)Continuous lighting kit carry case+(1)Background support system carry bag:Great for transporting light stands,umbrellas,and other accessories.
Bestseller No. 5
Andoer Lighting Kit, Photography Studio Softbox Light Kit and 6.6ftx10ft Background Support System, Including 3pcs Backdrops(Black/White/Green) Screen for Photo, Video, Portrait and Product Shooting
  • 🏆Andoer Photography Lighting Kit include: Softbox (3pcs)-Size: 20*28 inch, 45W Bulb (12pcs)-light temperature: 5500K. 4 in1 Bulb Socket (3pcs). Light Stand (3pcs). Cantilever Stick (1pc). Non-woven Backdrop (3pcs)-Color: 1 black, 1 white and 1 green, Material: 100% non-woven fabrics. Backdrop Stand (1pc) Approx.2m / 6.6ft (Max.) Crossbar Width: Approx.3m / 10ft(Max.)
  • 🏆12pcs 45W professional photography light bulbs, 5500k color temperature, super bright to provide optimum illumination. 4in1 bulb socket allows you to install 4 bulbs in only one socket, 2 control switches allow you to create different brightness. 20*28inch softbox helps create even and diffused light, soften the light stream and remove shadow.
  • 🏆5.3ft*10ft black, white and green non-woven backdrops, large enough for most photographic occasions, great for studio and portrait shooting.CAUTION: Background cloth is non-woven material, because of packaging requirements, folded into a square shape, products hanging on the background rack 1-3 days, the shape can recover.
  • 🏆3pcs light stand and 1pc backdrop aluminum alloy stand. Its working height can be easily adjusted. Max. height is up to 2m. Cantilever stick is adjustable from 75cm to 139cm, convenient to arrange lighting.
  • 🏆1 set of 6.6ft*10ft backdrop stand is made of high quality aluminum alloy, Its stands use quick locks and Its crossbar consists of 4 separate sticks, making it simple to adjust the height and the width.

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